The Radiant Edge Valley/Channel™

Valley areas are particularly prone to ice dam build ups and subsequent leaking. The Radiant Edge Valley/Channel efficiently conducts heat from the heater cables to the ice and snow and provide a reliable drainage path for meltwater. Radiant Edge Valley/Channel has a heavy aluminum Base Panel with two tight-clearance slots into which the self-regulating heater cable is inserted. Valley/Channel is also used in areas where meltwater must be maintained, e.g., from a valley several feet up a roof down to the lower eave.

The Base Panel is embedded in an adhesive so no roof penetrations are required. Heater cable is traced along eave ice melt system and up the valleys. The matching snap-on Valley Cover provides an attractive, protective finish. Radiant Edge Valley is the perfect complement to the Radiant Edge PRO, LT, HotSlot, LowSlope, and Standing Seam ice melt systems and provides the protection needed to safeguard against ice dam leaks and ice formations in valleys.

Stop ice dam leaks in valleys



  • Radiant Edge Valley/Channel performs in all Class 1, 2, and 3 snow areas
  • Matches perfectly with all of Summit’s Systems eave ice melt systems
  • Inverted into a vertical orientation, the Valley/Channel provides a continuous heated meltway between upper and lower roofs, along dormer walls, etc.


  • Fifty (50) year warranty on the Base Panel
  • Fifty (50) year warranty on the Cover
  • Forty (40) year warranty on the Cover paint finish
  • Ten (10) year warranty on the heater cable
  • See warranty for complete details

Power Output

  • 24 watts/foot

Self-Regulating Heat Cable Provided:

  • UL Listed, CSA Certified, and FM Approved
  • 2 runs per foot of panel
  • Model S1 for 110 Volt system
  • Model S2 for 208, 240, and 277 Volt systems

Cover Materials

  • Real 20 oz. copper
  • Aluminum (High grade Kynar-500 finish)

Aluminum Cover Color Selection

  • 12 standard colors
  • 15 custom colors and metallics

Panel Lengths

  • Standard is 5′, available up to 10′

Supplied Components

  • Base Panel
  • Industrial Quality Self-regulating Heater Cables
  • Snap-on Panel Covers
  • Expert Layout and Design Assistance

Radiant Edge Valley/Channel clears a 12″ radius under 36″ of snow: