How To Get Your Radiant Edge Roof Ice Melt System


Getting your roof ice melt system from concept to complete ice protection is easy. Radiant Edge can be easily installed onto most new and existing roofs without the significant expense of removing and installing new roofing.


1. Gather preliminary Information for your roof ice melt system

For New Construction:

• Site Plan locating walkways, decks, driveways, sensitive locations

• Roof Plan

• Building Elevations and recommendations

For Existing Roofs:

• Complete and submit Jobsite Data Form. Including photos can be extremely helpful.

2. Incorporate Custom Details and Specifications

  • Review and incorporate details and Specs as appropriate for the project
  • Integrate the Electrical and System Layout
    • Suggested power feed locations, complete with amperage draws for each
    • System Layout with circuit loads and circuit breaker sizing
    • Controller panel and temperature sensor locations

3. Installation Support Services

  • System Installation and Operation Guides and training
  • Control Panel Schematics
  • System Layout
  • Electrical Testing procedures and Logs

click here to download the jobsite data form for a complete quotation

Radiant Edge ice melt system works with new construction

Ideal for New Construction

Close up of summit ice melt systems to prevent ice dams.

Easily installs onto existing roofs.

Heat the ice emlt system, gutters and downspouts for complete protection

Summit extends the heating system through gutters and downspouts