9 Reasons Why You Should Choose the HotSlot Roof Edge Ice Melt System:

  1. Most affordable roof edge ice melt system available
  2. Focuses heat right at the eave edge to effectively prevent icicles and gutter freeze-over
  3. Easiest to order
  4. Easiest to install in any season
  5. Simple one-piece, one-size-fits-all design works with virtually all shingle roofs and most metal roofs
  6. Engineered profile efficiently delivers heat where and when it is needed
  7. Sleek, architectural finished appearance
  8. Safe: UL Approved heating system
  9. Safe: Meets National Electrical Code Article 426 safety criteria

Let’s start by reviewing the 4 Rules of Thermodynamics as they relate to roof ice melt systems. Remember: if you follow the Rules, you have an effective, energy-efficient roof ice melt system:

  1. Minimize heat lost downward to the roof deck and fascia due to surface contact.
  2. Maximize heat transfer from the heater cables to the top melting surface.
  3. Maximize heat transfer from the heater cables to the drip edge.
  4. Eliminate air gaps in the heat transfer paths. Air is an insulator and the enemy of efficient heat transfer.